Wednesday, November 2, 2011

News360 Syncs Your Personal News Feed Across All Devices

News360 Syncs Your Personal News Feed Across All Devices:

News360logo.jpgNews360 just launched updates to its Android and iPhone apps that bring them up to speed with the tablet and Web versions. Now the personalized news reader, which uses semantic data to read for stories you like, rather than just assuming from your social graph, syncs across all devices and platforms.

Prior to today's launch, the mobile versions of News360 lacked the login and personalization features on the tablet and the Web. But now Android and iPhone users can log in and view their personalized headlines while on the go.


news360android2.pngCEO Roman Karachinsky calls News360's linguistic filtering a "'reverse search engine' approach." Users choose news topics and sources to follow and sign into their social Web services, and News360 reads the content there and learns what interests its users. It then queries the Web for stories that match and pulls them into the user's personalized feed. In a world of information overload, a news reading app this smart is a relief.

Semantic personalization is a tried-and-true method. Flipboard also uses semantic data for its recommendations. But News360 is a much broader reading experience, searching all the news on the Web for the stories that interest you. Plus, News360 has a Web version at, and with today's release, News360 has beaten Flipboard to mobile devices.

To learn more about how News360 works, check out our coverage of its 2.1 release in October, which goes into detail about the personalization process.

You can download the latest version for all devices (including Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry) from

Have you personalized your news reading with News360? Do you like its recommendations?


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