Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jamie Says Fail, I Say Win!

Jamie Says Fail, I Say Win!:

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Last night, while scouring the Internets for an idea on what to do with a butchered chicken carcass after removing all the good meaty bits other than making stock, I stumbled upon this little bit of McDonald’s inspired awesomeness.

Perhaps, I come from the peasant school of dining, which means that every bit of an animal is sacred protein and should be eaten and not just the clean cuts you find neatly packed in plastic at the Stupidstore, so I find Mr. Oliver’s negative reaction to the kids willingness to eat his home-made chicken nuggets to be a bit strange. What’s the big deal? Replace the crappy filler and powdered binding agent with an egg, add some bread crumbs and pan fry instead of deep-fry. Some may cry foul, but I say it’s what’s for dinner. ~ PK

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