Saturday, December 5, 2009

HP Envy vs. MacBook Pro

I'll start off by saying that I have been an avid Microsoft supporter for over 20 years. From the dark days of DOS to the latest Windows 7. My first computer was a comaq 286 laptop back in the 80's. Computers have come a long way since those days, but it's Apple that has made impressive progress. It used to be that owning an Apple was a compromise, they just didn't have the software or hardware features that IBM compatibles offered. But that isn't true today.

Some may argue that Windows Pc's are cheaper, and they would be right, but only if you don't assign any value to the packaging or chassis, I do. There are plenty of Windows laptops out there that offer comparable specifications to the macbooks for considerably less cost. However it you compare the packaging it's clear that the macbooks are much, much nicer. In my mind, laptops are first and foremost portable devices, so I consider the chassis a major feature.

Now, all that being said their are only a few Windows models out there that have comparable chassis. One such model being the HP Envy series laptops. Here's the funny part, they still aren't as nice, and they actually cost more than their macbook competition. So it seems to me that all things being equal Windows PC's just aren't a better deal when compared to similar Apple products. I'm not alone, just walk into any Apple store to see for yourself. They are always filled with happy customers, I count myself as one of them.

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