Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sports Illustrated Apple iTablet demo

The more I hear about Apples iTablet the more interesting it becomes. I think this may be what saves the publishing industry. It's just so cool. The eReaders currently on the market just look like a more expensive way to read a book. I gotta' ask why spend the extra money? But this thing wraps up all kinds of devices into one very slick package.

It's kinda funny, as I'm writing this I remembered the Microsoft table thing. I think somewhere along the line they just totally lost touch with reality.

To be fair, Windows 7 does have ok touch support. The new on-screen-keyboard is a huge improvement over the old vista version. Off the top of my head I can think of two multi-touch capable tablets for sale right now(Lenovo Thinkpad X series, HP Touchsmart). So why isn't anyone using them to distribute content as shown above? Is their something magical about iTunes? I know for a fact that MS has all the marketing, hardware, and software resources available to them, so what's going on? I think if MS misses the boat on this one we'll all look back on 2010 as the beginning of the end for MS. By 2020 they will be relegated to a wikipedia article along with Atari, OS2/Warp. (ha, everything will be clear in 2020 hindsight)

Oh, ya one last thing both of the models I mentioned above do the screen swivel thing. When it's in tablet mode the keyboard is useless. Why did they even bother? Just get rid of the keyboard no one wants it! or at least offer a model without.

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