Saturday, December 5, 2009

Streaming and sharing my video collection across my home network.

I have a respectable collection of videos now, last time I looked in the neighbourhood of around 5TB worth. Spread over about five different computers (kitchen, den, living room, bedroom, laptop). Some are Apple and some are PC.

My problem was: I wanted everyone in the house to easily be able to watch any video on any system including my their iPhones, PS3, Xbox, etc.

The solution is TVersity. The best part is the price. Free. TVersity was easy to setup and works great. All the client action happens inside the web browser so it works the same on all the computers. The flash-based client UI is fast and easy to use. I highly recommend it. I setup my server to parse the shared folders on all the computers around the house than just mash them into one big list of content for the clients to navigate. It couldn't be more simple. I find that the video is only a little degraded from its original quality, I think that's a fair trade-off considering it streams smoothly to my wirelessly connected devices.

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